Through this hotline, all persons in contact with Utexbel in the context of their work-related activities can report (potential) breaches.
A breach is an act or omission that is unlawful and undermines the purpose or application of applicable regulations.
As proper report is subject to a number of rules, we briefly explain them below:

  • A whistleblowing report can be sent to Whistleblower@Utexbel.be via the hotline below by any person in contact with Lantis in the context of their work-related activities. This may therefore include both (internal or external) employees of Utexbel and, for example, suppliers providing services to Utexbel.
    Through this hotline, all breaches can be reported, for example a breach of regulations on:

    • Data protection (GDPR)
    • (Financial or social) fraud
    • Public Procurement Act
    • Environment
    • Employment Law
    • Public Health
  • Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation, such as dismissal or demotion. Of course, this protection does not apply when a false report is deliberately sent (e.g. to discredit someone). In that case, the reporter exposes himself to sanctions.
  • Your report will be handled in the first line by Utexbel’s whistleblower officer, namely Gert Heyerick (HR Manager). Only this person has access to your report.
  • You can send a report either autonymously (you give your name) or anonymously:
    • If you want to send your report autonymously, you can fill in the fields “name”, “first name” and email address
    • If you want to send your report anonymously, do not fill in the fields “name”, “first name” and choose an email address that does not contain your identity
  • As long as you use a correct email address, you will be kept informed about the status of the file. If the email address you provided is incorrect, we will not be able to notify you or contact you if we need additional information as part of a proper investigation. In the latter case, an investigation may not be possible (due to missing information).
  • Your report is – as far as personal data is concerned – subject to our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about the procedure, you can also contact us at the email address below:

  • Whistleblower@Utexbel.be (managed by Gert Heyerick)

You can consult the Utexbel Whistleblower policy here.

More information on the Whistleblower Protection Decree can be found at this link.


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