Natural fibers

  • Natural fibers are chosen for their comfort and aspect
  • Origin:
    • Vegetal:
      • Cotton (BCI, BIO, Fair Trade & Recycled)
      • Flax: aspect and strength
    • Animal:
      • Wool: thermal insulation performance
      • Silk


Man made fibers

Natural polymer

  • The production proces is based on raw materials of natural origin
  • There can be added some additives to give the yarn extra properties (ex. flame retardancy)
  • The below fibers are used by Utexbel:
    • Viscose: comfort, water absorbent properties, aspect
    • Viscose FR: viscose with flame retardant properties
    • Lyocell: viscose where the production process has less environmental impact
    • Modal
    • Viloft

Synthetic polymer

  • Manufactured from petroleum-based basic materials.  The following fibers are obtained through a chemical synthesis:
    • Acryl
    • Meta-aramid: abrasion-, heat- and flame resistance
    • Para-aramid: extreme tensile strength
    • Modacrylic: flame retardant
    • Polyester: strength,  wrinkle-resistant, fast drying
    • Polyester FR: flame retardant
    • Polyamide: abrasion-resistant