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UTEXBEL is convinced that prosperity and ecology can go hand in hand.

We believe that prosperity comes from a strong manufacturing industry. By producing locally in Europe under strict conditions, you also keep the ecological footprint as low as possible and make the supply chain more robust.

Thanks to our passion for textiles and sense of innovation, we are constantly pushing boundaries.

As a result, we have been able to create added value for our customers for more than 90 years.


Founded in 1929 in Ronse – Belgium, UTEXBEL is a fully vertically integrated textile group from fiber to finished fabric, market leader in public procurement, industrial protective workwear, leisure wear and technical textiles.


With passion and professionalism, UTEXBEL offers quality yarns and fabrics, where respect for the environment, the well-being of the employees as well as the safety and comfort of the end users are paramount.



  • 7,000 tons of annual production of spun yarns
  • 11 million meters of fabric produced
  • 5% of turnover invested in R&D



UTEXBEL develops, produces and commercializes yarns and fabrics with multiple high-quality functionalities according to customer specifications, which contribute to the safety, health and comfort of the end user, without losing sight of the aesthetic.

UTEXBEL is OEKO-TEX STeP certified, which means that various sustainability objectives are anchored in the daily policy.




UTEXBEL is a socially committed family business that takes care of its staff, purchases ethically and produces in Europe, making sustainability ingrained in its DNA.

In addition, UTEXBEL is committed to further reducing the impact on the environment and surroundings.

UTEXBEL wants to unburden the customer by offering a total solution for his problems. Quality and service are central to this and continuous improvement is part of our way of working, both in terms of process and product.


That is in short « Passion – Process – Progress ».

That is UTEXBEL!


Jean-François Gribomont


Spinning Mills

  • Ronse
  • Kluisbergen
  • Mouscron
  • FTSI (Morocco)
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Weaving Mills

  • Ronse
  • Tissage De Baisieux (France)
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Dyeing Units

  • Yarn- and top dyeing – Ronse
  • Fabric dyeing and finishing – Ronse
  • Coating, laminating and printing : controlled quality from competent European partners
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Our products


UTEXBEL produce fabrics for:

  • Clothing:
    • Workwear and career wear
    • Protective wear
    • Casual
    • Public authorities
  • Technical and industrial applications.

UTEXBEL produces ring, open-end and worsted yarns, écru and yarn dyed for knitting and weaving. These yarns are mostly used for the garment industry, upholstery, mattress ticking, carpets and technical applications.


Ready to dye fabric in a J-box



Refibra is a cellulose fibre made from clothing waste and sustainably managed wood. In use, this fibre is very similar to cotton but is much more ecological: no pesticides, much less water consumption, the basic raw materials are all sourced in Europe and the fibre as such is already partially circular.

When mixed with e.g. recycled polyester we obtain a durable and sustainable fabric for shirts or workwear.


This is a blend of Lenzing FR (inherently fire resistant cellulose) , para-aramid and polyamide.  This allows us to combine the benefits of treated cotton (protection against welding drops and molten iron) with those of inherently fire retardant products (abrasion, shrinkage, washability at higher temperatures)

Within this range we offer different weights , where the heaviest even achieves in a single layer class 2 for welders (EN ISO 11611). It is ideally suited for industrial applications where protection against heat and flames (EN ISO 11612), explosions (EN ISO 1149/5) electric arc (EN 61482-2-1, EN 61482-1-1)  and chemicals (EN ISO 13034) are needed, all with the highest level of comfort for the wearer.

arc welder working at night


Here the main component is Kermel, (a polyamide-imide, family of the meta aramids) which is mixed with modacrylic, cellulose and in the case of the LCI, also polyamide. These antistatic fabrics are cheaper and more comfortable than the 100% aramids, offering the same level of protection against flames, heat an electric arc.


Utexbel has an extensive and steadily growing collection (for sportswear and workwear, corporate fashion and protective wear) in organic and/or  fairtrade cotton,  BCI-cotton and recycled PES.

Dr. Green goes beyond this.

Used, end-of-life garments are collected from laundries,  taken apart, shredded and used as new material in our spinning process for the weaving of new workwear fabrics, closing the loop .


Apart from our basic camouflage fabrics in polyester cotton or Nyco blends, with or without stretch, all with nIR technology which we produce for virtually every European army, we also deliver a whole range of inherently antistatic and  antiflame  products with a variety of possible finishes.

All products are produced according to the highest technical standards and respecting the strictest European environmental rules.

MOVE collection

At the end of the 90s, Utexbel were the first to succeed in making  a durable blend of polyester cotton stretch fabrics for corporate wear. These products are still being worn daily across Europe by many public authorities.

Later, we were the first to industrially produce fabrics for workwear, using elastolefin. These products are in use at most laundries in Europe today.

In addition, we have created a workwear collection using T400 (Coolmax- label) which has an optimal moisture transport function.

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