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 UTEXBEL – the belief in European Textiles for the future !

Our passion leads towards our “raison d’être” :  YOU

Founded in 1929 in Ronse, Belgium, UTEXBEL is a vertically integrated textile group, leader in the public tenders, industrial protective workwear fabrics, casual wear and technical textiles.

With pride and professionalism, UTEXBEL offers the best yarns and fabrics to cater for all needs, respecting the environment and the well-being of both the workers and the end-users. Within all its decisions, UTEXBEL seeks a constant improvement of health, safety, quality, efficiency and care for the environment.



  • 8000 tons of spun yarns produced yearly
  • 13 millions meters of fabric produced yearly
  • 5% of the turnover invested in R&D
  • 20% of all yearly investments have a social or environmental character


UTEXBEL develops, produces and commercialises yarns and fabrics with multiple high level functionalities according to the customers’s specifications, which contribute to its own satisfaction and to the end user’s security, health and comfort. The group leads several cooperative projects with key partners in the fields of sustainable development, quality and logistics.


Jean-François Gribomont




Quality guarantee is at the centre of our daily preoccupations. Our products are valued by discerning customers, worldwide. An irreproachable quality , permanent improvement and a high level of customer service are the key elements in all our activities.

Spinning Mills

  • Ronse – Renaix
  • Kluisbergen
  • Mouscron
  • FTSI (Morocco)
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Weaving Mills

  • Ronse – Renaix
  • Tissage De Baisieux (France)
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Dyeing Units

  • Yarn- and top dyeing Ronse – Renaix
  • Fabric dyeing and finishing Ronse – Renaix
  • Coating and printing : supervised quality in cooperation with competent partners
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Our products


UTEXBEL produces ring, open-end and worsted yarns, raw white, top and yarn dyed for knitting and weaving. These yarns are mostly used for the garment industry, upholstery, mattress ticking, carpets and technical applications.

UTEXBEL produces fabrics for:

  • garments:
    • work, protection and career wear
    • sportswear, casual wear
    • public tenders
  • technical and industrial applications.




Protection against insects

An optimal protection against small but bothersome biting and stinging insects is become more and more important. Many small insects, like lice, mosquitoes and ticks are become ever bigger nuisances for all those who work and live an outdoor life. In their quest for the very best possible protection against these insects, Permetect have developped a durable finish which can be applied on various fabrics and used for multiple garment types. Various combinations of colours and fabrics allow for a perfect choice of fabric for every end-use. All with one common denominator: they all offer the best possible protection available on the market.

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