Workwear and protective wear

Utexbel produce fabrics for work-and protective wear. This varies from industrial workers, construction, healthcare, distribution and supermarkets, food, and corporate fashion. Comfort, durability, perfect looks and a correct price/quality ratio are at the forefront. For this, we offer a wide range of textiles, with or without stretch (Lycra, EOL, T400).

We produce fabrics from the lightest shirt to the heaviest welder garments.

For the PPE fabrics we are offering solutions for (amongst others) the following risks:

  • High visibility : EN ISO 20471
  • Explosion, ATEX zones : EN ISO 1149/5
  • Heat and flames: EN ISO 14116 index 3 and EN ISO 11612
    • A1 surface ignition
    • A2 edge ignition
    • B1 convective heat
    • C1 radiation heat
    • E1-3 (optional) molten iron
    • F1 contact heat
  • Welders EN ISO 11612 class 1 and 2
  • Electric arc
    • EN 61482-1-1 (ATPV and ELIM)
    • EN 61482-2-1 (box)
  • Fire brigades
    • EN 469 (intervention gear): we offer both linings as well as outer fabrics and can give advice on building a complex
    • EN ISO 15384 (Wildland fire): replaces the old norm EN 15614
    • EN ISO 16689 (technical rescue): for non-fire related rescue operations e.g. car accidents
    • EN ISO 21942 (Station wear)
  • EN ISO 13034 (protection against liquid chemicals): both with and without fluorocarbons
  • EN 343 (rain protection)

In addition, we offer multi risk fabrics which combine some of the above norms . Example: HEPTA which is EN ISO 1149, 11611, 20471 in 3 hi vis colours.

Our antiflame fabrics can be divided in 3 groups according to the composition.

  • Aramid (meta and para). We are partner from Kermel and Teijin.
  • FR Modal. We are partner from Lenzing FR.
  • Modacrylic: We are partner from Protal.

Most fabrics are a blend of the above fibres offering a combination of comfort, durability, and adapted level of protection.

Examples are:

  • Kermel Alpha and Kermel LCI (Aramid, MAC and Cellulose),
  • LAVApro (Lenzing FR, Para-Aramid and PA)
  • Hepta (7 fiber blend).

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