Public Tenders

For decades, Utexbel has been a specialist on the public tender market, working both with the authorities and the garment makers.

The markets are

  • Defence:
    We are supplying mid-and high-end solutions for all military projects ranging from combat gear, flight suits and tank drivers to cBRN fabrics and tent tarps.  Infrared colours, anti-static, anti-insect, quick drying, antibacterial, stretch, anti-rot, and more are all within the scope.
  • Police:
    We produce fabrics for the daily uniform, shirt and trousers, with and without stretch, with the highest colour fastness technically available, guaranteeing a long life of the garment even when washed very frequently, as well as the antiflame, riot gear with Molotov protection built-in.
  • Others: railways, customs, justice department, public transport, large industrial groups, …