Spinning processes

Rotor spinning (Open-End)

  • The preparation department in the spinning mill of Ruien is fully robotized and multi flexible by using cotton, viscose, acrylic and polyester.  The multiple carding batteries, the open-end spinning machines and the twisting department, together are a highly flexible processing unit.

Preparation of the spinning mill: drawing


Ring spinning

  • COTTON-Type: in addition to our automatic preparation lines for cotton and polyester, the spinning mills in Ronse and FTSI Morocco also have specific preparation machines for acrylic fibers.  This makes these spinning mills most suitable for polyester as well as other blends.  Due to recent investments in combing and extensive fully automatic winding machines, we produce high quality yarns.


  • WOOL-Type: the spinning mill of Mouscron is specialized in spinning a wide range of technical yarns as well as specific customer-oriented developments.  These yarns consist of wool, meta- and para-aramid, viscose FR and are used in various markets.